Art Classes and Workshops

About Our Art Classes and Workshops:
Silk PaintingIn our classes you'll learn how to see, feel and create—and you'll have fun doing so.

Norene shares her passion for art, helping you to develop your creativity and to find joy in the process. She enjoys sharing her love for the arts with others, bringing in unusual displays and other material to stimulate creativity.

She is self-taught and, as such, knows many innovative ways to teach art. She uses her knowledge and experience to teach, to show you how to look at the world—to truly see the beauty in your surroundings. Painting makes you see the world, gives you a whole new perspective on life.

Art Classes and Workshops:
  • Pencil Sketching
  • Pastel Magic
  • Acrylic Painting
  • Watercolour Painting
  • Silk Painting
  • Colour
  • Layout and Design
  • Trees
  • Blues Music Art
  • The Healing Aspects of Art and Nature
  • Art Workshops for Corporate Clients

"Norene shares an exhilarating and Joyful approach to the opening of art and creativity. She encourages and challenges individuals to bring out their inner Artist and she gives an optimistic lead to learners, to see and rediscover the world in all its colour and beauty."– Dion Simon, Canadian Red Cross