Art Classes and Workshops

Layout and Design
Donovan at Salt Spring IslandSubject matter? It matters.

How and where you place subjects can make or break your painting. You can add intrigue to your art piece with the placement of subjects; thereby drawing the attention of the viewer to your piece.

Our workshop covers:
  • Intuitive and analytical painting or a combination of both
  • Shapes, placement of objects, dimensions and values of light and dark
  • Subjects that bleed off the page
  • The ingredients of good layout and design
  • What makes a piece of artwork complete
Wild Horses in Turner ValleyTo stimulate inspiration we'll explore various aspects of painting subjects in pastel and acrylics, working from creative displays and referring to art books and photographs.

Various artists works will be discussed on why their pieces work due to their layout and design.

Norene will do group instruction, demonstrations and focused individual attention.