Art Classes and Workshops

ColourColour—can you imagine a world without colour!

Colour has tremendous power and impact. It affects our physical, spiritual and mental vitality. Spring brings us the prairie crocus in pale shades of violet and the green grasses bring us colour, hope and change.

How we decorate our homes, create our gardens, how we dress; colour has an effect on us.

In this exciting workshop we will explore the wonderful world of colour using both watercolour and acrylic paints.

We will learn:
  • Ansel Adams photography—Use of black and white and the dynamics of non colour versus colour
  • Mixing colours—how to mix colours and arrive at many new shades
  • Discover how colour affects our world and our moods
  • Explore the meanings of colour
  • How to work with various colours creating drama and mood
Participants will bring in a colourful object, picture or photograph to paint from. Norene will also have displays set up to work from involving lots of colour.

This is a fun and colourful workshop where participants can gain a clearer understanding of the benefits of colour and use that to generate a more colourful world for them.