Art Classes and Workshops

The Healing Aspects of Art and Nature
Salt Spring IslandArtist Norene Procter knows we need to slow down, see, feel and celebrate nature's gifts.

"In nature teachings, everything we need is provided for us within nature, we just need to look for it". If we quiet our minds the energies of the trees, rocks, plants and all else that surrounds us can guide us to where and what we need to have for our healing. -Native American beliefs.

Art and nature can both be healing if we allow them to be. It is similar with art where we can get lost in our creating, which can be similar to meditation.

Robert Bateman expresses his love for nature and that slowing down helps us to see all the magic of nature and feel it.


The workshop will cover getting "grounded". We'll discuss the Earth Gems store and the fine gems, rocks and wonderful finds at their store. We'll share information on natural essential oils and where to get high quality ones in Calgary.

Participants can bring in pictures of nature to sketch and paint from. Norene will provide a display to work from and photographs and art books to refer to. We will paint nature scenes such as skies, trees, mountains, and Alberta scenes working with pencil sketching, pastels and watercolours.

We will view two delightful films—"Carousel" and a film on Robert Bateman.

It is good to understand when we search for help physically, mentally, spiritually, or emotionally we can find it in nature.

To guide and develop your sketches and paintings,Art and Nature you'll have focused individual attention as well as demonstrations on pencil sketching pastels and watercolour techniques.

You will learn:
  • Art materials and techniques on pencil sketching, pastels and watercolours
  • Getting "grounded" in nature
  • Mixing colours
  • Layout and design
  • Shadow, light and perspective
  • Information on Essential Oils and where to buy high quality ones in Calgary